Apparently the origins of my username, “pfctdayelise”, are not as transparent to everyone as they are to me.

PJ HarveyA Perfect Day Elise (lyricwiki)

I’m a big PJH fan, but it’s not my favourite song of hers. It’s probably one of her most well-known though; one you might hear on a variety of radio stations. I just picked it because it has connotations of femaleness with the “Elise”, although enough people have seemed to think the “PFC” implied something about the army, so there goes that theory. :)

It’s all because when I signed up at livejournal, some jerk already had “perfectdayelise”. And he’s posted twice ever in his life! Pah.

At the moment the #1 Google result for “pfctdayelise” is my English Wikipedia talk page.

22 August, 2007

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