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Textpattern is awesome. If you run a blog or blog-like website you should use it, because it’s open source, stable, elegant (a joy to use), has a wide variety of plugins and free themes available, and has a friendly and helpful user and developer community. Also, your site won’t look like every other friggin’ blog in the world using Wordpress and Blogger. urgh.

srsly. :)

rsx_plugins_tableRamanan Sivaranjan1.1Display a list of plugins currently installed.
zem_contact_rebornTXP Community4.0.3.19Form mailer for Textpattern
zem_contact_langTXP Community4.0.3.6Language plug-in for Zem Contact Reborn
rss_admin_db_managerRob Sable4.3Database management system.
tru_tagsNathan Arthur3.1Article tagging
rss_admin_show_adv_optsRob Sable0.3Automatically expand article advanced options.
txp_icio_usMarshall Potter1.4Use bookmarks as easily as TXP links
hak_article_imagePatrick Woods0.6.3Extended Article Image tag
rss_suparchiveRob Sable0.18Article listings by date or by category/section. Archive menu by month or year with totals
ajw_comments_feedAndrew Waer0.6Extends RSS & Atom to allow for comments feeds.
ajw_comment_altAndrew Waer0.3Alternates output based on even- or odd-numbered comments
ajw_comment_numAndrew Waer0.2Allows for outputting current comment number
hpw_sharedHyperwhat (Adrian Duffell)0.2Shared library files used by Hyperwhat plugins and available to other developers.
hpw_most_popular_articlesHyperwhat (Adrian Duffell)0.2Displays the most popular articles according to your log.
pap_contact_cleanertranquillo0.1Prevent Spam through Zem Contact
wet_slimpatternRobert Wetzlmayr0.4.1Integrates SlimStat or Mint logging into Textpattern.

23 August, 2007

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