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me at Wikimania 2007, Taipei

My name’s Brianna, I’m 25, I live in Melbourne, Australia. I’ve studied Chinese, linguistics, mathematics and computer science. On much of the web I go by the username “pfctdayelise”.

I’ve been involved with Wikimedia since April 2005 when I discovered the English Wikipedia. It took a while to get into it, but soon enough I was hooked. About six months later I registered at Wikimedia Commons, which is the freely-licensed media collection wiki managed by the Wikimedia Foundation (like Wikipedia). After about three months I was thoroughly hooked on this particular wiki community, and I became an admin.

I first became familiar with the working processes of many aspects of the community, including deletion, quality controls, media annotation and organisation, helping new users, and technical software features. Since then I’ve started trying to organise some things at a “meta” level, to improve outside awareness of Commons, improve Wikimedia-Commons relations, and help ensure the community can grow in a healthy way. Time will tell as to my success for that one. :)

In August 2007 I went to Wikimania in Taipei and had an absolute ball. I had the feeling of being amongst old friends with people I had just met. I left more convinced than ever that the WMF mission was one worth supporting, and with a new awareness of the other free-content projects going on around the web. Hence, blog. More or less.

23 August, 2007

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