Easiest image/video request ever: nodding

Can you find/create free media to illustrate the article Nod ?

Bonus points for the Bulgarian/Sri Lankan “negative nod”!

Extra bonus points if you can do an “acknowledgement nod” into your webcam without cracking up.

28 July, 2008 •



I just love the templates we come up with on Wikipedia sometimes. Looking at the bottom of the [[nod]] article there is the wonderfully global: Template:Gestures. This includes the expected e.g. [[Salute]] and [[Shrug]] all the way to the [[Gator Chomp]] and the [[United Macedonia Salute]]!

There may be bonus points for the “acknowledgment nod” but I’m surprised that there isn’t already a Commons category for Anasyrma which is also on that template… :-)

Witty lama · 31. July 2008, 02:46

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