Google Reader users: a favour...

… Could you try subscribing to a page history feed in Google Reader and see if in the feed items, you get the contents as the edit summary, or the diff view?

e.g. RSS or Atom

What it should look like (thanks, Bloglines):

What it does look like:

Far less interesting, I’m sure you’ll agree.

BTW, if you didn’t know these feeds existed, they are linked under the “toolbox” section of the menu on each article’s history page.

22 August, 2008 • ,



Diff. I’ve got some pages subscribed already.

Andrew Garrett · 22. August 2008, 17:55


Strange, I get diffs for the Atom feed but only the edit summary for RSS

the wub · 22. August 2008, 22:57


I have been subscribing to several Wikimedia project pages with RSS in Google Reader for awhile now. It appears that I get edit summary view if the changes are short, but diffs if the changes are long. That’s just an untested hypothesis, though.

Justin Anthony Knapp · 23. August 2008, 06:27


RSS is the only way I can keep track of multiwiki page requests (as I’m active in several).

And I do get diffs on google reader

drini · 23. August 2008, 10:01


shakes fist at Google Reader

Argh, why, WHY do you taunt us with arbitrary behaviour… :(

pfctdayelise · 23. August 2008, 16:20


Did you find out anything, Brianna? My Google Reader is suddenly acting up as well.

Jon Harald Søby · 26. August 2008, 22:09


Nope :(

pfctdayelise · 26. August 2008, 22:32


It suddenly started working again. As you said, it’s arbitrary.

Jon Harald Søby · 26. August 2008, 22:34


I posted to the Google Reader mailing list but I think it’s so busy it’s basically useless.


pfctdayelise · 26. August 2008, 22:46

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