Write API enabled on Wikimedia sites!

Brion announced that the MediaWiki’s ‘write’ API has been enabled for Wikimedia wikis. This means you can now edit Wikipedia and her friends without opening your browser. :)

Using Bryan’s quite excellent mwclient Python module, you can login, view a page’s current content, make your change and then view it in less than 10 lines. Really: see for yourself. (My password is not ‘password’ BTW. :)) In theory it could be one line less, since you shouldn’t need to log in. But for some reason mwclient gave me a LoginError when I tried to do it without logging in.

Check it!

There is probably also nice wrapper modules already written for your favourite language.

What kind of imaginative interfaces for editing Wikipedia can you imagine existing? Now we can build them! :)

26 August, 2008 • ,



Well I just realised I should have changed the text of my edit after I had to log in. Oh well. ;)

pfctdayelise · 26. August 2008, 22:44


Awesome. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. This is really awesome.

Benjamin Mako Hill · 27. August 2008, 00:43

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