The prettiest MediaWiki you've ever seen

MediaWiki derives its structure from links, templates and categories. You don’t need to do very much to develop something quite powerful. This site called only uses links, for example. They skinned up their MediaWiki and used it to develop the bulk of the site’s content, then wrote their own SVG interface that calls their MediaWiki API and presents the link web in a dynamic and interesting way.

I found this out from a paper called Building an SVG interface to MediaWiki (full paper) at SVG Open, which is currently on in Nuremberg.

Pretty skin for MediaWiki.

The edit box: see, it’s really MediaWiki underneath!

The custom-built SVG interface view that calls on the MediaWiki page of the same name, showing the link web between this page and others in the same wiki.

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That’s pretty innovative, but in my opinion the prettiest MediaWiki site is Vinismo – it’s clean, simple and beautiful.

Steven Walling · 29. August 2008, 05:21


Vinismo is stylish, but I don’t think it’s as pretty as Who Knew Who.

pfctdayelise · 29. August 2008, 09:46


Wrong colors (it hurts my eyes when I read it)

Fajro · 1. September 2008, 04:35


DO WANT! Using the API is an interesting step (forward?) in “skinning” the wiki. I’d love to see this method developed further and deployed on Wikijunior in particular. The monobook skin (and indeed all the other skins we currently have) are simply not suitable for presenting kid’s books; we need a more versatile method of presentation – perhaps this is it.

Mike.lifeguard · 1. September 2008, 11:36


these should be added to the flickr pool:

The Wiki Interfaces Pool

Mark · 6. September 2008, 11:50

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