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Blog Day 2008

Thanks to Mary I found out today is apparently Blog Day. Since whenever I read someone else’s feed recommendations I almost always end up finding at least one new good read, I thought I would have a go at it too. And since all wiki blogs are on Planet Wikimedia or Open Wiki Blog Planet, here are my non-wiki blog recommendations (although you can see they still don’t stray too far from wiki-ish topics).

  1. Classic that you should really already read: PostSecret.
  2. ReadWriteWeb has consistently interesting coverage of new web things happening.
  3. Street Use showcases “stuff as it is actually used, and not how its creators planned on it being used.”
  4. Fast Wonder – Dawn Foster often has interesting links and commentary on “social media” topics.
  5. Composite is Liz Henry’s blog. Liz is smart, techy and snarky when called for. What more could you want?
  6. Coding Horror has smart commentary on the management and social aspects of programming.
  7. The Lousy Linguist and Noncompositional are nice slower-paced alternatives to the high-volume Language Log.
  8. Planet Inkscape is a great medium-volume on-topic planet feed – good passive inspiration if you always mean to improve your Inkscape skills but somehow never get around to it…
  9. Open Access News contains excellent, thorough, high-volume coverage of all things OA-related.
  10. Basic Instructions isn’t as good as xkcd.com, but it’s still worth a look.

And my shared feed items likely contain a decent bunch of entries from these blogs.

31 August, 2008 •



Thanks for the recommendations!

Steven Walling · 1. September 2008, 08:23

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