New MediaWiki search features on Wikipedia

Two great features now appear on Wikipedia search:

1 – Blue box on right – search results from sister projects! (It does show results from other projects, but Wikinews is the most common.)

2 – Parenthetical links after article names – links to specific article sections. Useful for jumping to the relevant part of an article right away.

(For all I know they were enabled ages ago, but I only just noticed.)

I’m guessing these are native MediaWiki features rather than admin-enabled JavaScript etc hacks, but can anyone tell me for sure?

17 October, 2008 •



As a wikinewsie – thats awesome :) Thanks for showing me this.

This would be native mediawiki (or probably an extension/its something in the php side) as its in the html source.

bawolff · 17. October 2008, 16:44


I do not know whether it is native or not but this feature is not enabled on Swedish Wikipedia. See for example:

Jan Ainali · 18. October 2008, 05:58


Somehow Common is excluded :-( For example,

Eugene · 18. October 2008, 06:18


@Jan: Hm… what a mystery!

@Eugene: I am not surprised Commons is excluded, it would be much more difficult to rig up picture results. (On the English Wikipedia search page there is a comment about going to Commons to search for images anyway.)

pfctdayelise · 18. October 2008, 11:35


This is a feature of the updated Lucene search backend, which Robert has started deploying since we’ve gotten the new search servers installed.

I’m not sure exactly when this addition got installed, but a number of such improvements are being experimented with. :)

Brion · 19. October 2008, 02:28


@Brion: please enable it on all wikis! :)

Lugusto/555 · 19. October 2008, 11:02


More info by Robert Stojnic on wikitech-l.

pfctdayelise · 20. October 2008, 12:17

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