I am going to try taking part in NaBloPoMo — National Blog Posting Month. It is the blogging counterpart to NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month. (Despite the word “national” I think it is mostly an internet phenomenon.) I was reading about NaNoWriMo and getting silly ideas about taking part myself. Then I found out about NaBloPoMo, which is much more realistic for me, although still a challenge.

I had a bit of a burst with three posts yesterday, so hopefully that is a sign of things to come! I have a number of books to review and I’m giving no less than three talks, so I should have lots of material…

02 November, 2008 •



I think I do a blog a day. Sometimes I do more then that. I do have multiple blogs. The question; blogging detracts from writing on mailing lists. On the other hand it is more clear what you want to achieve. It is less of a community effort and there is less feedback..

Taking part in this event must mean that you think that blogging is good tm.
Thanks, GerardM

GerardM · 3. November 2008, 02:41


Well, Ultimate Gerard M only shows 10 posts last month. Where else do you blog? I know WLDC, but that’s pretty quiet.

Of course I think blogging is good. I wouldn’t have kept it up this long if I thought it was a waste of time! :)

pfctdayelise · 3. November 2008, 08:51


I’ve missed a couple of days, but I saw your post and decided to challenge myself to do this too. My blog posting has been rather sparse previously, I need something to kick it into shape. And yes, it probably is a little more sane than writing a novel :)

the wub · 4. November 2008, 09:59

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