Horses for courses

It’s a good time for NaBloPoMo, because there seems to be a lot going on. Like:

and lots of other stuff.

It was a nice surprise to see the front page of English Wikipedia today:

I’m not sure who organises these things (well actually, I think Featured Articles still has its BDFL position, “Featured Articles Director”, who decides when which articles get to appear on the main page), but: nice work. It’s a nice, relatively subtle way to acknowledging this major event in US affairs without alienating the readership of the rest of the world.

Horses for courses.

Me, on the other hand, well I live in a state that takes a holiday for a horse race. So I’m going to my workmate’s barbie and I’m definitely not going to watch any horse racing at all. :)

04 November, 2008 •


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