Presenting 'Inkscape' by FLOSS Manuals

You may recall not long ago I wrote about a FLOSS Manuals booksprint I had attended. It happened in July 2008, before Wikimania; I wrote about it in early September. While I was writing a book called How to contribute to Wikimedia Commons, I was actually being a hanger-on at the Inkscape booksprint. (In case you don’t know, Inkscape is a free software program for creating and editing vector graphics, ie. SVGs. It’s quite popular at Wikimedia Commons.)

Well, the Inkscape book has finally made it to its 1.0 dead wood form! That’s right, it’s available for purchase via for about $15.

Of course, you can read the book online for free and even edit it, but the cool thing about purchasing a copy is that the profits will go to help fund another FLOSS Manuals Inkscape booksprint, currently planned for the 2009 Libre Graphics Meeting in Montreal, Canada.

So if you’ve ever harboured an interest in learning to make very pretty graphics, and you would like to support the idea that free software needs free documentation, consider purchasing a copy for yourself or a friend, and help the dead wood 2.0 version get to the 65 (!!) chapters that were originally planned.

11 November, 2008 •



Just ordered my copy! Looking forward to it!

Benjamin Mako Hill · 12. November 2008, 09:09

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