Wikimedia Commons manual on OLPCs

What is this interesting screen? It’s a page from the FLOSS Manuals book on Contributing to Wikimedia Commons that you may remember me writing about a while ago.

FLOSS Manuals’ head honcho Adam Hyde explains:

The One Laptop per Child (OLPC) roll out of 100,000 laptops has begun. The exciting news is that the laptops now carry the documentation created in FLOSS Manuals embedded within the ‘Help Activity’. […] The manual was written in FM and then remixed using our remix feature, output to HTML and included on the laptop. Since all chapters are written in a modular way it was possible for the OLPC crew to add chapters from other manuals in FLOSS Manuals.

The main exciting bit is the OLPC Laptop Users Guide, which is also available to purchase. The Wikimedia Commons material really got tacked on the end. But still: 100,000 OLPCs going out into the world inviting people to contribute to Wikimedia Commons! It gives me a little spine tingly. Thankyou Adam and FLOSS Manuals for providing the platform and encouragement to make this possible. :)

25 November, 2008 • ,



The ‘help activity’ is where the OLPC manual and Wiki-commons chapter live. The Help activity is prominently announced in almost all of the public announcements about the latest software release and in some of the Give One Get One marketing materials.

Thank you for contributing to Free and Open Manuals. Your work is really great.

Seth · 25. November 2008, 16:55

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