'Hacking MediaWiki (For Users)' video

(Hacking MediaWiki [For Users] on blip.tv)

This is a video of a talk I gave at the November Linux Users of Victoria meeting called “Hacking MediaWiki (For Users)”, talking about ways to extend and modify MediaWiki on the “wiki side”, without need admin access to LocalSettings.php (and everything else). Preparing the talk inspired me to write about why I love MediaWiki.

It covers subpages, links, templates, categories, namespaces, special pages, modifying the interface, skins (CSS & JS), magic words, the Gadgets extension and the “uselang” hack. It’s basically for power-users, I would say.

Many thanks to Ben for the excellent quality recording. The audio in particular is very good. He also cut it down to size and uploaded it which are those annoying things that nobody particularly enjoys doing, so thankyou.

The slides can be downloaded from Wikimedia Commons (direct link). When Slideshare wakes up I will put them up there too.

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Is the video file accessible? Flash players lag horribly on my machine.

Tgr · 26. November 2008, 01:33


Hi Tgr,

Yes, the video file is accessible! You have lots of choices:





disclaimer: I haven’t downloaded any of these so I haven’t verified they actually work, and they’re also likely to be pretty huge – the talk is 55 minutes long. have fun anyway :)

pfctdayelise · 26. November 2008, 07:16


Slides on Slideshare

pfctdayelise · 26. November 2008, 09:20


Very good quality, and interesting talk – thanks for posting.

Richard Carter · 28. November 2008, 05:38


manual trackback, nice dissection by AboutUs wiki of the interesting parts in my talk for their users.

pfctdayelise · 14. December 2008, 15:28


Brianna – As a recent MediaWiki admin, your piece was both timely and extremely helpful. Thank you!

Rick · 15. December 2008, 00:47


Thankyou Richard and Rick! I’m glad to hear it is useful.

pfctdayelise · 15. December 2008, 10:57

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