What is your favourite non-Wikimedia wiki?

Someone asked me this question at LCA. To be honest I don’t spend a lot of time on non-Wikimedia wikis (assuming the one at work doesn’t count — although I am proud of how my workmates spontaneously started putting information there. My boss even edited it for the first time this week!).

One contender might be the Geek Feminism Wiki, started by Kirrily Robert a year or two ago. Every few months I will see a link to it on some mailing list and I’ll go and check it out, and some interesting or useful new content will have sprung up. Pretty much wiki as it should be.

The second one that occurred to me was Appropedia, which is partly run by a Sydneysider that I was suprised to run into at Wikimania 2007 (Taipei). Since then I’ve been keeping vague tabs on what they’re doing to see if I can pick up any good ideas or offer any tips. But I’ve only occasionally had something to add.

I finally decided on LyricWiki which, despite the somewhat dodgy legal standing (Wikimedians, try not to think too much about it, it will only bring pain) is so freaking useful and simple and _just-work_y that I can forgive it of a hundred other sins besides. If you ever try to use Google for lyrics you will notice the dozens of stupid ad- and popup-ridden sites that hide the lyrics under so much crud just trying to find them is irritating. So save yourself some pain and just jump straight to LyricWiki if you are looking for lyrics.

And now I can sleep peacefully knowing that the line after “your sex is on fire” is “Consumed with what’s to transpire”. :)

So what’s your favourite?

11 February, 2009 •



Meatball ; it can be incredibly insightful sometimes. (Too bad it is down more often than not nowadays.)

Tgr · 12. February 2009, 03:52


Definiely WikiHow

Michael White · 12. February 2009, 04:03


My favorite without a doubt is the LOLCat Bible Translation Project (lolcatbible.com).

Sage (User:Ragesoss) · 12. February 2009, 04:10


MeatBallWiki, for sure! I’ll read it entirely, when I have time.

Nemo_bis · 12. February 2009, 04:32


Wikitravel, without hesitation — although many people think it’s a Wikimedia wiki.

Frederic · 12. February 2009, 04:50


Have to go with translatewiki.net. It makes all the others more awesome :)

Siebrand · 12. February 2009, 05:51


Sorry to see that Appropedia got beat out by LyricWiki. But I am really happy to have made my first edit there (PS I found that error trying to find the “Blinded by the light” lyrics).

Lonny · 12. February 2009, 12:45


Wow! I’m totally flattered and humbled. Just being in the article puts us in great company; you mentioned a lot of quality wikis (some which were new to me).

Lonny: Your Appropedia looks cool. I’ll be checking it out some more. Random-fact: LyricWiki started out on DreamHost too! Hopefully before long, you’ll need to scale it out… if so, feel free to ping me & maybe I can give some tips to save you some time. :)

Sean Colombo · 12. February 2009, 14:19


I think I asked you this question. I actually don’t know a lot of wikis either, but aside from Wikitravel, which I think I enjoy editing more than reading, it’s This Might Be a Wiki (or so I call it, I am not sure if that name is or was ever official) and Super Mario Wiki, partly because they’ve borrowed Wikipedia’s style for a much narrower topic.

Mary · 12. February 2009, 18:46


Definitely TV Tropes Wiki, though I don’t actually edit it that much, just browse through it for hours on end. I also love wikiHow.

the wub · 13. February 2009, 09:06


Wow, there are some great suggestions. Meatball! Wikitravel! WikiHow! Betawiki! TV Tropes Wiki! Too much awesome…

Mary, TMBW is utterly beautiful! That Azure design is a really wonderful skin.

pfctdayelise · 13. February 2009, 10:09


(sorry off topic, side conversation)
Hi Sean,

Appropedia outgrew dreamhost almost two years ago, but they now offer virtual private servers. They are expensive, but usually work very well.

Thank you for your kind offer of advice, which we will gladly take. I’ll be pinging you tonight.

BTW loving the todo transparency list and backlog on you user page.

Thanks for getting this interwiki conversation going Brianna. Now maybe we can get some of the Geek Feminism Wiki members editing the severely lacking women in development pages on Appropedia. :)

Lonny · 17. February 2009, 17:08



i like wikademia.

eme · 13. March 2009, 23:22

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