Wikimedia Commons 2008 Picture of the Year - preliminary results

Voting has closed and vote verification is taking place, but assuming none of the pages have been massively tampered with, this is what the top 5 will look like:

#1 – Fire breathing by Luc Viatour. (finals voting) 76 votes. Luc is an outstanding photographer with an amazing 60 Featured Pictures!

#2 – Horses by Flickr user Mikel Ortega, with modifications by Richard Bartz. (finals voting) 74 votes. Because of the closeness I wouldn’t call the real winner until both of these had all their votes checked for validity.

#3 – Locomotives Roundhouse, a 1942 photograph from the “Office of War” Information Collection at the Library of Congress, with modifications by Durova. (finals voting) 48 votes. I am so pleased to see one of Durova’s images here, because in 2008 and 2009 she has had a huge impact on Featured Pictures and even more importantly has been helping others learn how to do this useful work, which puts a shine on important historical works. She is pretty inspirational as an example of “leading by doing”, if I can put it that way, and her blog is a decent read too, frequently interesting, incisive and/or funny. To do so well in what is blatantly a populist pretty picture comp is a real achievement. :)

#4 – Sun rays by Mila Zinkova. (finals voting) 45 votes. Mila also has a huge number of Featured Pictures (including third place in the 2007 Picture of the Year competition!). It’s great to see regular contributors gratified in this event. I would also wait for a final vote-check before confirming the order of results for this one and the previous one.

#5 – Hong Kong skyline by Base64, modified by Carol Spears. (finals voting) 38 votes. As far as I can recall, this will become the highest-ranked “really wide” panorama in the POTY finals to date.

It utterly boggles my mind that there are now at least 27 photographers who have > 10 Featured Pictures each. It represents an outstanding amount of dedication, and I hope that Picture of the Year is a little thank you to everyone who puts themselves through the ringer to have their work recognised as a Featured Picture.

My category finalist graphical summaries:

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The results are now up at, it is worth noting. Number 1 and 2 are switched from what I wrote here about the preliminary results. A close race indeed!

pfctdayelise · 10. June 2009, 22:38

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