LCA2010 CfP closes this Friday

I should have mentioned this weeks ago, but: the call for papers for 2010 is now open. And it closes this Friday in fact.

LCA next year will be held January 18-23 in Wellington, New Zealand. LCA is a community-organised conference that treats its speakers well and is consequently one of the most competitive to get accepted into. It’s an awesome week and will definitely make a highlight on your geek calendar.

One of the topics they “welcome proposals” on is: Free Software and Free Culture topics, including licencing and Free and Open approaches outside software.

Top 5 reasons to speak at LCA:

  1. Mako is keynoting.
  2. It’s harder to get into than OSCON. (Or so I’ve heard.) You will feel like a bona-fide superstar (at least until you see who the other speakers are).
  3. Educate the southern hemisphere about your awesome project and pick up some antipodean recruits.
  4. You get to meet free software leaders from across Australia and New Zealand with a healthy sprinkling of enlightened northern hemisphere attendees.
  5. Enjoy it all in New Zealand’s cultural capital. January is the height of winter in the northern hemisphere, right? The average high in Wellington in January is 19deg C (67deg F) which uh… actually doesn’t sound that warm to me for summer, but compared to a winter temp it probably would.

I even have a tiny particle of influence this year as I am on the papers ctte. Not enough to single-handedly ensure any particular paper is accepted, but feel free to submit things that interest me, and I will happily enthuse about them. :)

19 July, 2009 •



Hi Brianna,

Wellington’s temparatures are taken at the windiest (coldest) part of the region – the airport and the top of a hill close to the city.

It gets warm here in Wtgn in summer. We even have Australians moaning sometimes ;)

Tim McNamara · 21. July 2009, 15:38


Tim, I am very happy to hear that :)

pfctdayelise · 22. July 2009, 18:21

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