A(nother) happy Wikimania

Well, I am back from two long flights from Europe, home from my fourth Wikimania. It was the first one entirely funded from my own bat, too, if I recall correctly. I remember back in 2007 when I first considered going to Wikimania in Taipei. I only really dared because I had recently spent a stint in Beijing studying Chinese, and it seemed like it was going to be rare for Wikimania to be even remotely in my neck of the woods. (Which has held true.)

And since then, I was kinda hooked. It was that first Wikimania that really made me feel “wow, these are my people!” It was after that that I started this blog, too.

photo by ragesoss

Now considering my recent spinning down within Wikimedia I wondered if I should go to this Wikimania. But the chance to see so many of my wiki friends once again was irresistible. So I decided to take my own “farewell tour”. And I got to see nearly everyone I looked for. One notable exception was Dror, the Israeli “ambassador”. Wikimedia Israel will host the next Wikimania but I don’t think I will be there. Oh well. Another time, Dror! You were missed!

I preceded this Wikimania with a brief trip in Europe, spending 1 day in Germany, 3 in the Netherlands and 4 in Denmark. It helped to reduce the effect of the crazy “ZOMG foreign countries!” overreaction brought on by jet-lag and excitement.

This Wikimania was marked, unlike the others, with some trepidation in the lead-up, caused by late organisation of the registration and accommodation. Well, I’ve made my complaints. At the end I can say the annoying parts will fade away, and what will remain are the warm conversations, interesting presentations and crowded cobblestones of ul. Długa.

I was still lucky to meet some familiar names for the first time: Millosh. Nemo bis. Dvortygirl (well I did not formally meet you, but it was nice to hear your lightning talk!). Philippe. Cbrown1023. (!!) Ragesoss. (!!!) Ariel Glenn. And that is just the ones I remember who conveniently listed themselves as attendees. Oh and Kartika, the Indonesian award winner who friended me on Facebook. :) If I listed all the people I was happy to meet again I would certainly leave off names I did not intend.

It’s funny what people remember of you. A Polish guy (sorry I have forgotten your name) came up to me to thank me for writing about the WMPL wiki-expedition idea.
And when I met my roommate, Beatriz from Argentina, she initially did not know who I was. “I used to be the president of Wikimedia Australia,” I said as background. “Oh… you made a video for us!” she said, remembering a short video I made, at Patricio’s request, for Wikimedia Argentina’s first general meeting as an official chapter (I believe). We were both chapters recognised around the same time. Now I have no idea where that video is but I am sure it was short, cheap and cheerful. It makes me happy to think what an easy thing it was for me to do and that people might still remember me by it two or more years later.

Patricio also gave me a birthday present, a book of short stories by Jorge Luis Borges, including La biblioteca de Babel. (Of course, Spanish Wikipedia administrators are known as librarians, which is endlessly charming.) According to what en.wp says about it, it looks like a story I will enjoy very much.

…Just as soon as I learn Spanish. On my flight from Frankfurt to Bangkok I thought, with renewed enthusiasm: I should learn Spanish. But, I am pretty sure that decisions made on cross-continent flights, as with those made while drunk, can’t be held against one. So, we’ll see. :)

I will hopefully make separate posts about a couple of subjects, including the sessions I saw and the documentary premiere. But if Real Life intervenes again, well, I have said this much. :)

15 July, 2010 •


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