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Last night I decided there were enough free culture-ish events happening next year that it would be worth creating a calendar for them. So now there is events.

I pondered for a while the Textpattern plugins for events and calendars, but they were overly complex. So I decided to make a Google Calendar and just embed it.

.. But there doesn’t seem to be a “year” view, so it looks a bit sparse. I decided it needed an event list too. A bit of googling revealed that FeedBurner actually had a point after all: they have some thing called “BuzzBoost”, and it turned my Google calendar feed into some drag and drop code and wala – updates:

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So the full list is here: And you can add the calendar to your Google calendar: Let me know if you spot anything missing I should include.

22 December, 2007 • ,



This is a good idea :) May you try to keep it not only for 2008? :)

Also, adding “fuzzy dated” events would be nice, too. For example, add to the July 1st 2009 something like “Wikimania 2009 during the end of July or beginning of August”, of course, with links to the present bidding.

Whenever I find some event, I’ll send it to you.

I suppose that, if this calendar becomes alive project, you will need to separate it on global and (a number of) regional calendars…

Milos Rancic · 23. December 2007, 01:20


For Wikimania 2009, I will just add the event when the dates are finalised.

If we eventually had multiple continent-based calendars that would be great. For the moment I just wonder if there is any way to hook it up to Google Maps. :)

pfctdayelise · 23. December 2007, 11:03

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