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Today I am guest-blogging at the WMF fundraiser blog, Wikimedia Commons: The Power of Free Content Media. I am not sure if I am happy with the piece or not. Maybe there are too many leaps of logic. Maybe not. I was happy to find natural ways to give links to all the Wikimedia projects except for Wikispecies. :)

I considered writing something more “promotional” but it seems a bit pointless when 99.9999% of the world has never heard of Commons. It’s certainly useful within the Wikimedia community, but for the outside world it seems best to let the success become self-evident.

The other thing is that Commons is seriously unusable. :( I can’t in good conscience encourage non-Wikimedians to flock there. I sincerely hope that at least some of my software requests will be implemented in 2008.

The first couple of posts in the fundraiser blog got hundreds of comments. Seriously, 405... that’s insane. It seems to have died down significantly now, which might mean the novelty has worn off, or people are just busy with their holidays now. The voices who responded on the blog seem very different to the voices that I typically see on talk pages on Wikipedia, so it seems like the blog was maybe an outlet for people who appreciate Wikipedia but don’t feel able or are unwilling to contribute to it by editing.

29 December, 2007 • ,


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