LCA Thursday

Thursday was the second day of LCA proper.


Reminder to self: don’t forget to check out l10n and Parrot.

Big rec for today would be “Memory-efficient and fast websites – pick two”. Afterwards I got talking to the guy next to me who does some Django development, since I am planning to try and learn that sometime this year.

Also, my laptop is so noisy that running it during a talk made all the people next to me look at me :( Definite FAIL.

I forgot to mention yesterday the surprise that they gave out about a dozen OLPC laptops to conference attendees, I think there was some small proviso that they had to use them and report back about certain things. OLPC has quite a presence here. Apparently they are trying to get some into Australian primary schools? Not sure about the details. The ultra mini Asus Ee(e?) PCs are also a big hit here.

It’s interesting how simple constraints seem to create new opportunities and new markets. Less is more!

I also wonder a little bit why OLPC appear to be trying so hard to win us over. I think we are already won over. We being open source geeks.

01 February, 2008 •


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