LCA Friday

Today, Friday, was the last day of the LCA programme. Tomorrow is the Open Day which is the “real” last day I suppose.

I stayed up too late last night and consequently slept in this morning, missing the keynote on Python. Grr! However I reasoned that the keynotes have a much higher certainty than normal for actually getting video to appear at some stage, so I think it will be OK.

Here’s what I did see:

Then there was lightning talks. I hope the video of them surfaces, because they were quite good. 3 minutes was even far too long for some of them. Paul gave a great talk, perfect timing at 2’50’‘, talking about using Greasemonkey with Firefox and how you can use the script Myspace for unsocial fascist bastards to remove almost everything from the Myspace front page except for the login box. This received a well-deserved and resounding round of applause. :)

And LCA 2009 will be held in Tassie. Very good!

Then there was sitting around for ages waiting for the “Google party” to kick in, which was in fact the “Google barbie”, not party. It was OK.

Whenever I introduced myself to people I would mention Wikimedia and excuse myself for not being that involved in FLOSS development. Then if we got talking about jobs I would mention I was using Prolog and people would be much more interested. I forget that 1) Prolog is really interesting because many people learn it at uni but few use it in industry, and 2) most people that come to LCA are geeks who find that OSS enables their geeking-out, as opposed to freedom-loving geeks who find closed source projects inherently uninteresting. I don’t think there is really a way for the project I work on to be open-sourced. It’s a nice daydream though…

Notes on Kimberlee Weatherall’s legal talk:

Given all the things going on I was a bit non-plussed that she still recommended everyone just sit back and code. But I would probably never make that recommendation, so perhaps it is not a fair comment. :)

01 February, 2008 •


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