The role of administrators

What are the possible roles of an administrator in a Wikimedia project? These are the roles I came up with.

The above is a link to a three question survey. [The Javascript seems temperamental. If you don’t see anything then just go directly
here.] The first asks which of the above roles are accurate in theory and in reality. (Plus the option “something else”, in which case you should leave a comment here saying what.)

The other two questions are:

Are you an administrator on your project(s) of choice?

What is the Requests for Adminship (RfA) process like on your project(s)?

The survey is open for two weeks. I will put up some results when it’s done if a few people answer it.

26 February, 2008 •



I’m missing a role (which I guess is my own, mostly, these days): the grease monkey, tweaker of css, fiddler with javascript, and master of parser functions.

Duesentrieb · 27. February 2008, 00:39


Hm, that should be the Mechanic.

pfctdayelise · 27. February 2008, 09:51

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