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“It’s much more about gaining an audience than about some one-to-one correlation,” he said. “It’s a question of how do you find new writers.” People often come to new authors in a library, on a friend’s bookshelves, or by a personal recommendation, he explained. It “doesn’t always begin with a financial transaction. I very much doubt that I discovered a single one of my favourite authors by buying a book.”

Which licenses are being used for Wikimedia projects, and why? The transition of the Wikipedia project to Creative Commons licenses on the global and local level. Presentations of the less known Wikimedia projects: Wikisource – what it is the purpose of Wikisource, how it works, the history of Wikisource … And, of course, the issues of licensing on Wikisource.

I can imagine the Wikisource/licensing discussion would be very interesting (to those of us who have found ourselves to be license geeks, that is).

02 March, 2008 •


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