Where do users go after the main page?

Thanks to Tim and Domas and Henrik, we can examine page views. Yay, statistics.

I copied all the links from the menus (sidebar and topbar) and got their monthly page view totals for February 2008, and then calculcated their average daily page views.


Side bar:

Top bar:

the [1] is because of unusual access pattern for Portal:Technology and applied sciences which suggests it was only linked from the main page on the 17th February.

Also, the top bar only appears on the main page, whereas the sidebar appears on every page.

Four repeated links may be overkill.

wpmainpagelinks.sxc [6.88units_k]

14 March, 2008 • ,



A more accurate way of understanding your user’s browsing behaviour would be analyzing your access logs.

seele · 14. March 2008, 21:16


What about the user bar (watchlist, contributions etc)?

Tgr · 15. March 2008, 03:17


@seele: well, yeah, but the access logs are not public data.

@tgr: Most visitors are anonymous readers, aren’t there?

But nonetheless:

* Special:Preferences – 206517 – ~7,000 per day

* Special:Watchlist – 3905653 – ~135,000 per day (probably many editors are like me and bookmark their watchlist, rather than the main page)

pfctdayelise · 15. March 2008, 14:57


German version

Russian version

pfctdayelise · 16. March 2008, 13:30


Hungarian version! Thanks to Tgr.

pfctdayelise · 31. March 2008, 12:08

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