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15 March, 2008 • ,



Hi Brianna, glad you like the screencast idea.

One thing I’m hoping for is that other people will take each of the screencasts and make them better, wiki-style (not sure if it will take Kaltura adoption for this to really take off). At AboutUs we have the YouTube version of a video on a page that we can then transclude anywhere we need to on the wiki, which means when a better version of the screencast is made, we just replace the old with the new on the source page (can’t do this at YouTube itself, unfortunately), and it changes everywhere. I sure wish we had universal transclusion so this version you have on your site would update when a better one comes along.

In any event, thanks for the post. Would love any suggestions you might have on how to make these better. Thanks!

Ted Ernst · 20. March 2008, 02:13


Thanks Ted. It’s cool that you encourage people to improve them. Collaborative video is still quite tricky. (I am not sure Kaltura will be much of a leap forward.)

pfctdayelise · 20. March 2008, 20:09

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