Some interesting recent Featured Pictures

While watching the latest featured pictures arrive at Wikimedia Commons, I noticed a few types that are new for us. While we have always had some pretty outstanding nature/architecture photography, SVG diagrams and arthropod/plant macros, these ones below represent an expanded repertoire.

Weeki Wachee spring
1947, by Toni Frissell

This is an unusual restoration of a historical photograph, because it is more notable for its author than its subject matter. In this way it is more like a restored art piece than the photographs which have been making their way across FP lately. The impressive and prolific work of Adam Cuerden and Durova have greatly expanded our collection of historical and art works — previously a weakness of our collection, now becoming something of a niche strength.

CC-BY-3.0 by Niabot

Definitely a first: an SVG of an anime character. Hopefully there won’t be too many to follow, but it does show the breadth of experience of our contributors.

Asteracea poster
CC-BY-SA-3.0 by Alvesgaspar and Tony Wills

A new presentation style for a familiar subject. In a similar vein, there is a mustard collage. I do like these posters. Is there a name for this style of work? I am sure more will turn up, so we should collect them.

To pot the red
CC-BY-SA-3.0 by Michael Maggs

I don’t know what you’d call this style of photograph but they are few and far between at Commons. [This nomination only just scraped by in FPC. I will not be too surprised if it scrapes out again soon…]

I remember a few months ago, searching for a photo of a person using a mobile phone. There were hundreds of photos of all kinds of models of mobile phones, sitting all on their lonesome on a desk or table. I don’t think I found even one that showed a person using a mobile phone.
I suppose this points to one of our greatest content weaknesses, which is that of portraits. Simple people.

Most of our Featured Pictures of people are historical portraits, or pictures of activity, or “exotic” travel photography. There are relatively few that would show the everyday life of the photographer or their family, even though these are the photos we would have the most time to practice and perfect.

Maybe in another six months, or a year, or two, the situation will change, and I will be able to show off some loving attention paid to the very domestic and everyday situations that surround our excellent photographers.

24 March, 2008 •



Great choice, especially the snooker picture and the comment, about the anime character.

I’m not sure if the situation with portraits is going to change soon. There are too many people around complaining personality rights for that too happen …

Flominator · 28. March 2008, 02:01

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