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Vote YES for licensing sanity!

The great licensing update is upon us. Or rather, the voting part of it is. This is the community consultation part of whether or not the Wikimedia Foundation officially chooses to make use of the “Wiki clause” that Richard Stallman so kindly gave us in the GFDL 1.3. (For background see the initial story in Wikipedia Signpost, Benjamin Mako Hill’s post, Richard Stallman’s open letter, Wikipedia’s Exit Permit on LWN.net).

Any user who has made at least 25 edits to any Wikimedia project (before March 15, 2009) is eligible to vote. That is a huge number of people. If you have ever registered an account at any Wikimedia project go check your edit count (special:preferences) because you very well may be eligible to vote.

So get your vote on and let the Wikimedia projects move forth under a sensible license! Yes, a modern license for a modern wiki!

My SVG is kind of whack so if you want to help me get rid of the black box and make the fonts behave, that would be nice, too. ;)

13 April, 2009 • , ,

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