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GLAM-WIKI bursaries & GLAM Challenge

Two pieces of GLAM-WIKI news.

The first is pretty cool: Wikimedia Australia is offering travel bursaries to Australian & New Zealand Wikimedians for attending GLAM-WIKI. Wikimedians represent! Come and be part of the collective face of ‘Wikipedia’ for lots of fancy museum peeps. The bursaries will cover your return airfare to Canberra. See Liam’s email for more details about how to apply.

The second is also pretty cool, at least I think so: Wikimedia Australia is sponsoring an editing “challenge” called GLAM Challenge.

(Note the dates on this image are not accurate … :)) You must declare that you intend to take part by July 24th, and then you have up to July 31st to make your edits for the Challenge. There are prizes! And although the theme is “Australian GLAM”, you don’t need to be Australian to take part. It’s quite open, so feel free to be creative in applying the theme.

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Lifting the copyfraud veil from the public domain

Cornell University Library Removes All Restrictions on Use of Public Domain Reproductions. Apparently “the immediate impetus for the new policy is Cornell’s donation of more than 70,000 digitized public domain books to the Internet Archive". From the press release:

Institutional restrictions on the use of public domain work, sometimes labeled “copyfraud,” have been the subject of much scholarly criticism. The Cornell initiative goes further than many other recent attempts to open access to public domain material by removing restrictions on both commercial and non-commercial use.

See also:

I don’t have much else to say about this except that it’s awesome. I am interested to find out more about the donation to the Internet Archive. Was Cornell sold on the publicity or the free OCRing? Something else? How else can we volunteer the energy of the internets like this for good?

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Wikimedia Australia GLAMming it up - August 6-7, Canberra

“What is this GLAM?” I hear you ask. Why, it refers to Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums. What are sometimes called “memory institutions” or more plainly “cultural institutions”. “And what is this GLAM-WIKI?" I hear you further inquire. Why, it is a conference that Wikimedia Australia is organising! On August 6-7 this year. Currently about two months away. In Canberra.

The conference’s title is Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums & Wikimedia: Finding the common ground. It’s very much Liam Wyatt’s (WMAU’s VP) brainchild, borne out of his experiences talking to GLAM organisations and finding out how much they do or don’t know about Wikimedia, and thinking about how we (Wikimedia) can better work together with them for our mutual benefit. Check out the Why should you attend? list.

The conference has four themes —

Attendance is free but you do need to register. It will be held at the Australian War Memorial, one of our kind partners in this event.

It’s a couple of months away now, so please pass the word on about this event to any GLAM folk you know in the Australasian region. Expect to see further discussion about it at the Museums & Wikimedia group in the Museums 3.0 Ning site.

P.S. Register! Did I mention it was free?

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