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i has a serius biznis: lolwiki

There is a profound movement that in recent years has changed the way everyone uses and understands the web. I am talking, of course, about lolcats.

Lolcats have been around for a while, but I had my attention returned to them recently when I discovered LOLpols (politicians). Australia just had a federal election and the results are much to my liking, so I was feeling inspired.

mckew to howard:

(This is Maxine McKew, a “star recruit” who campaigned her butt off to win the Prime Minister’s seat, which is an impressive feat in anyone’s book.)

Let the lolcats be free!

I'm in ur commons/enriching ur culture
© amg05k, CC-BY-SA.

Naturally Wikimedia needs lolcats to, um, illustrate internet phenomena. A couple of weeks ago I created Category:Lolcats and added its RSS feed to my feed reader.


I am proud of this one because I think the cat really is investigating the sock quite thoroughly. :)

Now inspiration is spreading:

© Gurch, CC-BY-SA.

© bainer, CC-BY-SA.

© Gracenotes, CC-BY-SA.

Very clever. I wonder if we will end up with a lolcat for each major policy?

Tonight I realised the natural progression of this theme: the LOLjimbo.


Jimmy is a natural. And that, I suppose, could be considered an extension of lolgeeks. It never ends.

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