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WikiProjects starting to use pageview stats in article assessment

While bopping around en.wp I noticed Wikipedia:WikiProject Mathematics/Wikipedia 1.0/Frequently viewed/List.

WikiProject Mathematics use the page view stats and a bot to mark article talk pages of their most popular pages.

WikiProject Aviation has started putting together an annotated list, with the monthly and daily views and also the article’s current assessment rating. That kind of table is a great motivator — their fourth most viewed article during June is only “Start” class.

WikiProject Pharmacology made what looks like a one-off report of their articles that get more than 80,000 pageviews per month (there are 43), annotated with GA/FA icons.

WikiProject Human Genetic History just put together a table for February 2008. It’s not clear what if anything they intended to do with it.

Sage Ross wrote in March about how biographies are much more popular than “history of” articles:

For historians who want to reach a broad audience through Wikipedia, putting historical context into biographies and topics of contemporary interest is probably more effective than writing concept-, artifact- or event-based historical articles.

This is great. It would be even better if there was some kind of toolserver thing that could generate reports for WikiProjects (or maybe specific templates/categories). We have the dots… but we don’t connect them very well.

Are there any other WikiProjects using the pageview stats in this way?

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Where do users go after the main page?

Thanks to Tim and Domas and Henrik, we can examine page views. Yay, statistics.

I copied all the links from the menus (sidebar and topbar) and got their monthly page view totals for February 2008, and then calculcated their average daily page views.


Side bar:

Top bar:

the [1] is because of unusual access pattern for Portal:Technology and applied sciences which suggests it was only linked from the main page on the 17th February.

Also, the top bar only appears on the main page, whereas the sidebar appears on every page.

Four repeated links may be overkill.

wpmainpagelinks.sxc [6.88units_k]

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