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Introduction to TiddlyWiki, via Slideshare

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I love TiddlyWiki even more than MediaWiki, but that’s probably because MediaWiki has earned its place as the standard to be compared against for wiki engines. TiddlyWiki totally blows my mind. Using it is just completely unlike reading or writing any other kind of document ever. I even started a Wikibook on TiddlyWiki in one fit of enthusiasm although it hasn’t seen too much love lately. Naturally feel free to pick up where I left off.

For ages I thought it was the coolest thing that ended in “iki” but I could never figure out just the right way to use it. Then last week I started using to keep my work notes as I learn more and more about the software project I’m working on. Instead of having, yes, written scraps, Google Docs, emails to myself and my workmates, text files in random locations and code comments, now I just have my TiddlyWiki set as my browser home page. Since my browser window is as ever-present as my shell terminal, it’s so easy to tap in my new understanding of so-and-so piece of code and add things to my “revisit this in 6 months” list.

And this is just boring “to do” stuff. I can’t wait to see what creative possibilities await for TiddlyWiki. The Google group is also very friendly and useful. My kinda software community.

That just leaves the open source BSD license to make it the coolest web2.0 thingy on legs, really.

03 November, 2007 •


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