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Jimmy Wales talking at Stanford about Wikia Search

Audio+slides from Jimmy Wales’ October 11 talk at the Stanford Law & Technology Association (SLATA). Apparently this is similar to a talk he gave at Wikimania but I must have missed it…

It’s interesting enough but it’s still all just theoretical. The real interest should come if it ever gets off the ground.

He talked a bit about news search results and someone asked a question about balance and the narrow spectrum of news that gets reported these days…Wales appears to have faith that a community of “Wikipedians” could get a better balance of news but looking at sites like Digg I have some doubt about it. Geeks can clearly do tech news well but beyond that I would prefer to rely on the editorial decisions of the ABC or the BBC. In fact it seems the more “participatory” news becomes the more shallow and celebrity-driven it becomes.

23 December, 2007 • ,


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