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Codeswarm video of edits made to Obama's Wikipedia page

Obama Wikipedia page edits from jamiew on Vimeo.

More cool than informative. :)

Looks like I fell off the NaBloPoMo wagon. Oh well! I think I can probably still make 30 posts this month.

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Interview with Sue Gardner

Gerard is right. Kudos to Liam on behalf of Wikipedia Weekly. His interview with Sue Gardner should be required listening for all Wikimedians who care about the Foundation’s influence on the future of Wikimedia.

I kinda hope Ben Yates is busy drafting a transcript at the moment, because someone should. :)

From the 2008-09 financial plan Q&A:

What is “[…]volunteer development” funding?

The “volunteer development” money is an experiment, and if it works we will probably increase the size of allocation in future. It will pay for a variety of small, one-off initiatives – for example, it might be used to pay for printing costs for brochures for a volunteer outreach event. It might subsidize a workshop, or offset small costs for other specific initiatives.

Why so little for volunteer development?

The volunteer development fund primarily relates to volunteer organizational work, such as press work, participation through chapters, technical contributions, and so forth. As we are still in the process of developing policies and best practices around volunteer development, we have deliberately kept the overall amount relatively low in this budget, but we hope to scale up these efforts intelligently in the coming years.

Hm. I find there is a scale difference between printing fliers and holding a Wikinews conference.

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Links for 2008-03-18

This is a preview of what the Commons upload form may look like one of these days… if I have anything to do with it :)

Things to note:

I love this form :) Try it yourself, if you’re logged in at Commons.

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Podcast fame: PGIP; GFDL/CC-BY-SA harmonisation

Being mentioned in the New York Times (or more accurately, their blog) is one thing, but I only really felt famous when Andrew Lih invited me on Wikipedia Weekly. WW is a podcast: not quite weekly, and not just Wikipedia, but close enough. IMO it is usually twice as long and half as frequent as it should be, but the discussion is typically quite interesting, as a Wikimedian.

It can be downloaded from this page: Episode 38 (42 min)

I certainly don’t enunciate my words as clearly as Liam and Andrew. :) And maybe I have a bit too much of that high rising intonation, but at least it’s more interesting to listen to than a monotone. (Possibly more annoying, though.)

So, I discussed two topics: the first is the Philip Greenspun illustration project. I talked a bit about my broader hopes and plans for the project, and asked people to please submit illustration requests. If you are interested in seeing some of the existing illustrator efforts within Wikimedia, please check out the Community links.

The second topic is the GFDL/CC-BY-SA harmonisation effort. A good report on the initial Wikimedia community reaction is the Signpost article, and Creative Commons’ blog post Wikipedia and Creative Commons next steps summarises where the situation is now. So in this part I talk about the benefits to the commons and some of the issues that have been raised that will need to be addressed in this process. I mentioned the metaphor of “silos” of content caused by different-but-similar sharealike licenses (“and never the twain shall meet”), which I am repeating after hearing from Evan Prodromou.

NB: I mistakenly said that the GPL has a “any later version” clause. However this is not true: some project choose to make this a requirement of contributors, to license under GPL vX “and later version”.

In closing: Sealand.

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